HiPi Super 5x PCR Premix
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12x8 Strip tubes (20 ㎕)
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Elpis Biotech’s 5x PCR Premix is a mixture of thermostable DNA polymerases, dNTPs, reaction buffer, and stabilizer. Users can perform PCR by simply adding template and primer pair to the premix.

5x PCR Premix also contains glycerol and bromophenol blue as a tracking dye, enabling a direct analysis of PCR products on an analytic gel electrophoresis.

Stabilizer in premix prevents freezing of PCR premix at -20℃ and prolongs a shelf life of products even at 4℃ or at 37℃.

You do not need to dissolve the mixture prior to PCR reaction as does competitor’ freeze-dried one.
The composition is optimized to reduce non-specific amplification and to minimize primer-dimer formation.

Convenient experiment 
- PCR Premix includes all ingredients for PCR reaction and gel analysis. Users can get the best results by a simple addition of template and primer pair.

Stable formula
- Even at 37℃, no prominent decrease of enzyme activity is observed at least for 4 weeks. It is highly stable at -20℃.

Economical price
- Ready-to-use premix decreases pricing for PCR reaction when comparing with purchasing ingredients separately. Plastic rack included in the product can be used as a sample preserve box for PCR products.

Reproducible results  

- Aliquot mix of PCR premix in 96 PCR tubes or strips from one batch produced and strictly quality controlled guarantees reproducible results. 



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