pLPS-T TA Topo Vector, 250 rxn
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1 Kit (250 rxn)
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The pLPS-T TA topo vector is a high efficient and very convenient tool for a direct cloning of PCR products. The type I topoisomerase from Vaccinia virus can cut and rejoin the DNA fragment without the action of DNA ligase.

Topoisomerase I premixed in the vector solution rejoins the input DNA fragments to vector ends within 5 min at 37℃. There is no need to consider whether insert DNA has been phosphorylated. Furthermore, there is no need to use IPTG/X-gal in the transformation process due to its high ligation and cloning efficiency (> 90%). This means you can obtain 9 real clones from 10 randomly picked colonies.

The pLPS-T TA vector is suitable for the cloning of A tailed DNA fragments, generally produced by Taq polymerases, like rTaq, rTaq plus, and some blend Taqs. If your DNA has no A tails, you should add A tails by appropriate methods before start. By using pLPS-T TA vector system, up to 5 kbp sized DNA fragments can be easily cloned without the remarkable loss of efficiency.

The pLPS-T TA vector is provided in 50% buffered glycerol containing red dye to easily visualize vector solution. Simply mix 1㎕ of vector solution with 1㎕ of 5x reaction buffer and your DNA to final 5㎕, and incubate for 5 min at 37℃. Then you are already ready to transform E.coli. In the next day, you can get the clone in plasmid. 


Kit Component : EBK-1006

- 250 ㎕ pLPS-T TA Vector
- 500 ㎕ 5x Topo Reaction Buffer
- 5 ㎕ Control Insert DNA (A-tailed)

QC tests
- Performance tests.

Storage Condition

- Store at -20℃. 


Vector Sequence


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