Gradi-Gel II Gradient PAGE Analysis Kit
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Gradi-Gel II gradient PAGE analysis kit is a novel product of ElpisBiotech to make up for defects of conventional gradient gel preparation.

Preparation of conventional gradient gel using a gradient former is a time consuming and tedious job itself. Furthermore, hand-made gradient gel is not reproducible in electrophoretic results and sometimes results in distorted images because of difference in polyacrylamide gel percentage between upper and lower part.

Gradi-Gel II gradient PAGE analysis kit uses single percentage polyacrylamide gel employing the chemical gradient formation during gel electrophoresis instead of mechanical gradient.

Gradi-Gel II gradient PAGE analysis kit is composed of 2x running gel buffer and 2x stacking gel buffer. By simply mixing buffers and acrylamide solution in kit, users can prepare a linear migrating gradient gel without unnecessary labor.

Gradi-Gel II gradient running gel is overlaid with a lower percentage stacking gel, ensuring highly separating performance and provide you with highly resolved razor-sharp protein banding.

Gradi-Gel II gradient PAGE analysis kit is completely compatible with conventional Tris-Glycine-SDS running buffer for denaturing PAGE, and Tris-Glycine for native and non-denaturing PAGE.

- Convenient, ready-to-use, reproducible gradient polyacrylamide gels
- High resolution (razor-sharp bands)
- Fast running speed (1.5-2 hrs at 100 V constant voltage)
- No need to buffer change (Tris-Glycine-SDS buffer system)
- Small peptide analysis using low percentage gels
- Optimized composition for western transfer and blotting, brilliant blue and silver staining of gels
- No distortion and shrinking of dried gels (because of single % gradient gel)Storage

- Store at 4℃ for 1 year 


Kit Components

- Gradi-Gel II 2x Stacking Gel Buffer : 20 ml

- Gradi-Gel II 2x Running Gel Buffer : 100 ml 










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