Mid-range Pre-stained Protein Markers (dual color)
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Elpis Biotech’s mid-range pre-stained protein size markers are mixture of 7 recombinant purified and pre-stained polypeptides whose molecular weights are well-adjusted.

The each pre-stained protein size marker is available in a ready-to-use formula (no need to boil before use), and is suitable for sizing proteins between 15,000 and 100,000 Da by SDS-PAGE.

Chromophores are covalently bound to proteins, and 7 pre-stained proteins are visible during electrophoresis or electrophoretic transfer from the gel to the membrane.

The 50 kDa protein added double enables easy identification of migrating bands.

Because the coupling of chromophore to the proteins affects their apparent molecular weights in SDS-PAGE relative to un-stained proteins, un-stained protein standards should be used for accuracy >95%.

Recommended loading volume
- 5 ㎕/lane for a mini-gel (10 x 8㎠, 0.75㎜ or 1㎜ thick)
- 10-15 ㎕/lane for a large-gel (30 x 20㎠, 1㎜ or 1.5㎜ thick)

Recommended storage condition
- Store at -20℃ for one year

※ Please aliquot in a small volume for prevention of repeated freezing & thawing 

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