Smart Color Protein Marker
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Smart Color Protein Marker is a pre-stained marker for a SDS-PAGE analysis. Well-defined 10 recombinant proteins are included and supplied in a ready-to-use formula (no need to boil before use). It is suitable for sizing proteins between 9,000 and 170,000 Da by SDS-PAGE.

Chromophores are covalently linked to proteins in pre-stained marker, and 10 pre-stained proteins are visible during electrophoresis or electrophoretic transfer from the gel to a membrane. The 75 kDa protein labeled with orange color plays a ruler function for easy identification of banding.

Because coupling of chromophores to the proteins in pre-stained marker affects their apparent molecular weights in SDS-PAGE relative to un-stained proteins, un-stained protein markers should be used for accuracy > 95%. 


Recommended loading volume

- 5 ㎕/lane for a mini-gel (10x8 ㎠, 0.75 ㎜ or 1 ㎜ thick)
- 10-15 ㎕/lane for a large-gel (30x20 ㎠, 1 ㎜ or 1.5 ㎜ thick)
- 2-5 ㎕/lane for a western transfer onto PVDF or NC membranes

Recommended storage condition
- Store at -20℃ for one year
- Please aliquot in a small volume for prevention of repeated freezing & thawing

- Repeated freezing & thawing, long-term storage and re-use of pipette tip may degrade proteins rapidly.
- The marker is provided as a ready to load format, meaning that there is no need to boil before use. But precipitation of SDS may occur by long-tem storage at below 4℃, and you can load marker just after dissolving the precipitant by raising to 50-80℃ for a few minutes.

- The slight size difference can be seen in the course of manufacturing. Please confirm the batch numbers. 

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