DokDo-Prep Plasmid Mini-Prep Kit (spin-type)
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The DokDo-Prep plasmid mini-prep kit provides a fast and simple way for bacterial plasmid DNA purification used for routine molecular biological applications.

DokDo-Prep plasmid mini-prep kit contains chaotropic salt that enhances the binding of plasmid DNA onto a glass surface and reagents for alkaline lysis to purify plasmid DNA from bacteria.

Phenol extraction and ethanol precipitation are not required. Purified plasmid DNA is ready for restriction enzyme digestion, ligation, transformation, sequencing reactions, and library screening.

The spin columns supplied in a spin-type kit (EBD-1001-S) are packed with glass fiber filters and has enough surface area to bind up to 45 ㎍ of plasmid DNA. 


Kit Contents (EBD-1001S)

- Spin Column 200 ea with collection tubes (2 ml)
- Cell Resuspension Solution (Sol I) 50 ml
- Cell Lysis Solution (Sol II) 50 ml
- Neutralization Solution (Sol III) 70 ml
- Wash Buffer 20 ml x 2
- Elution Buffer 20 ml
- RNase A Solution (10 mg/ml) 250 ㎕

- Manual 1 ea 



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