DokDo-Prep PCR Purification Kit (spin-type)
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The DokDo-Prep PCR purification kit is a convenient system for a fast and reliable purification of double- or single-stranded PCR products.

The method uses DokDo-Prep PCR purification technology to recover DNA bands 100 bp - 10 kbp in size free from oligonucleotides, nucleotides, and polymerase in recovery efficiency exceeding 90 to 95%.

Binding conditions are adjusted by addition of a specially formulated Binding Buffer, and the sample is applied to DokDo-Prep spin column.

Purified DNA fragment is ready for restriction enzyme digestion, labeling, ligation, transformation, and sequencing reactions. 


Kit Contents

- Spin Column 200 ea with collection tubes (2 ml)
- PCR Binding Buffer 100 ml
- Wash Buffer 20 ml x 2
- Elution Buffer 15 ml
- Manual 1 ea 
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