DokDo-Prep Gel Extraction Kit (spin-type)
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The DokDo-Prep gel extraction kit is designed for the purification of DNA from standard agarose gel (TAE/TBE).

The DokDo-Prep gel extraction kit (spin-type) uses spin column containing silica membrane to purify the DNA fragment.

This enables extraction of DNA fragments from both TAE and TBE buffer-containing agarose gels without additional solutions or modifications to the protocol.
Fragments can be also extracted from low-melting-point agarose.

- DNA fragments in the size range of 100 bp to 10 kbp can be extracted from gels.
- The procedure is brief, allowing completion of the protocol within 15 to 20 min.
- The recovery of DNA is 70~80%.
- The maximum DNA binding capacity is 30~40 ㎍/column.

- Purified DNA is suitable for a variety of applications, including fluorescent DNA sequencing, transformation, restriction mapping, cloning, and labeling. 


Kit Contents

- Spin Column 200 ea with collection tubes (2 ml)
- Gel Extraction Buffer 100 ml x 2
- Wash Buffer 20 ml x 2
- Elution Buffer 15 ml

- Manual 1 ea 

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