DokDo-Prep Genomic DNA Kit (blood, spin-type)
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The DokDo-Prep genomic DNA purification kit (blood) is designed for a rapid isolation of highly qualified genomic DNA from whole blood cells (for blood).

It provides a fast, simple and inexpensive method requiring no expensive equipment, no hazardous reagents and involving a few steps.

The DokDo-Prep blood genomic DNA purification kit uses advanced silica-based membrane technology for rapid and efficient purification of genomic DNA without organic extraction or ethanol precipitation.

DNA purified with this system is suitable for a variety of application, including amplifications, membrane hybridizations, and digestion with restriction endonuclease. 


Kit Contents

- Spin Column 200 ea with collection tubes (2 ml)
- RBCL 40 ml
- Binding Buffer 40 ml
- Washing Buffer I 50 ml
- Washing Buffer II 24 ml
- Elution Buffer 20 ml
- Proteinase K 4 ml

- Manual 1 ea 



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