EzAmp™ qPCR 2X Master Mix
(SYBR Green, High Rox, 500rxn)
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5 x 1 ml (500 rxn/10 ㎕)
240,000 원
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   EzPCR™ qPCR 2x Master Mix(SYBR green, Low Rox) is a mixture of thermostable DNA polymerase, dNTPs, SYBR green I dye, reaction buffer, and stabilizer. Users can perform real-time PCR by simply adding template cDNA or gDNA and specific primer pair to the master mix. EzPCR™ qPCR 2x Master Mix(SYBR green, Low Rox) has been optimized for highly sensitive and reproducible real-time PCR experiments. The composition has been optimized to reduce non-specific amplification and to minimize primer-dimer formation.


   EzPCR™ qPCR 2x Master Mix(SYBR green, Low Rox) is provided as a 2x concentrated format. Experiment can be simply set by mixing half volume of 2x master mix with primer pair/template DNA solution. 1 ml 2x master mix is sufficient for 100 reactions in a 20 ㎕ standard reaction.

   ROX reference dye containing product (EBT-1802) is suitable for a real-time PCR instruments requiring ROX passive reference dye (like company ABI real-time PCR machines). The use of ROX reference dye is optional. If your real-time machine has the capability of using ROX and you wish to use this option, then you can select this option in the software.


- Real-Time quantitative RT-PCR and genomic DNA PCR.

QC tests

- Performance tests.

Storage Condition


- Store at -20℃ for one year. After thawing mix, do not freeze again and store at 4℃ in a light protective condition. When stored under optimum conditions, the reagents are stable for a minimum of 6 months from date of purchase. 



Performance Data


EBT-1802 performance data 1.PNG


EBT-1802 performance data 2.PNG

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