EzAmp™ HS One-Step RT-qPCR 2X Master Mix
(Probe, UDG, Multi, 100 rxn)
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1 ml (100 rxn / 10 ㎕)
180,000 원
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   FAST One-step RT-qPCR 2x Master Mix includes all kind of real-time RT-qPCR components such as Taq DNA polymerase, thermostable M-MLV reverse transcriptase, dNTP and buffer. The only need to perform the reaction is template RNA, probes and primers provided by users. It is only need to perform quantitative RT-qPCR by simply adding total or poly(A) RNA as substrates and specific primer pair to the premix. 

 Especially, this product is suitable to perform the real-time qPCR reaction, since it has Taq DNA polymerase having the 5’ to 3’ exonuclease activity and designed to detect multiple targets at the same time. 

 In addition, Taq polymerase is a mixture of PCR enzyme and monoclonal antibody to Taq DNA polymerase. The antibody inhibits the polymerase activity and prevent non-specific amplification derived from mis-priming of primer dimer before PCR cycling




Enhanced specificity by use of HOT start with anti-Taq antibody 




- FAST One-step RT-qPCR


Multiplex PCR 


Qualifying Test


Performance test, exo/endo nuclease contamination test, stability test.


Storage Condition

For long term storage, we recommend to store at -20℃ (stable up to 6 months), and store at 4℃ after thawing the solution instead of -20℃.


Standard Experiment Protocol


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